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by Nora and Bloom


Eco-friendly, and Oekotex certified these pads ensure you’re taking care of the planet while taking care of yourself and keeping irritating chemicals away from your bits.

We're delighted to be the first brand in the UK to use recycled plastic waste to make the waterproof PUL that's used for our reusable sanitary pads and bags. Minimize your environmental impact, reduce, reuse and recycle, one pad at a time.


Nora Liner - Tiny but tremendous this dainty panty liner is so versatile. Perfect for using along with a cup, for those last days or just in case days. Length 16cm (approx.)

Nora Liner

  • Fabric composition: Surface - Stay dry polyamide interior; Core - Polyester microfiber; Soft waterproof exterior made from recycled plastic bottle waste. All Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

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