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Can I bring any kind of containers?

Yes! This is all about reusing, so anything is of use.

However, please consider the importance of higene (especially in these times), so please use only clean containers. 

What if I don't bring any/enough containers?

We have paper bags and glass jars for sale. Additionally, we offer free, donated containers - that we wash in the dishwasher upon receiving.

Is it self-service or you do it for me?

While everything is set for self-service and most people do everything themselves, we're always ready to help.


I have an allergy, can I shop with you?

Due to the nature of the shop, allergens might be airborne or found on surfaces. If you have a severe allergy, we recommend that you do not come into the shop.

For less severe allergies, product ingredients are displayed (loose products) or writen on the packaging. If in doubt, please speak to one of us.

Click and Collect

Why can't I order bread for collection?

It is difficult to ensure availability of these products in advance. Luckily, they're super quick to pack so just check with us what's available when collecting.


Are you pet-friendly?

We cannot accept animals (except guide dogs) inside. Due to nature of the shop it would be a risk for both people (there are dispensers and products at low height) and animals (might ingest traces or spilled products).

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