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Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (Cocafcal) or Capucas as they are better known, is situated on and around the Celaque mountain, which is the highest peak in Honduras. Celaque means ‘box of water’ in the local Lenca language, and the mountain is the source for many rivers and streams. Capucas was founded in 1999 by Jose Omar Rodriguez and takes its name from the local town of Las Capucas. The Cooperative works in 12 communities in the municipalities of San Pedro, Copan and Corquin, Copan. In 1999 they had 55 members, and today it has grown to over 75 members with community projects that benefit approximately 2,500 people. Active members are dedicated to growing sustainable conventional, organic and fair trade coffees.


This coffee is produced and processed by families that along with their coffee farms, also have bee hives. Capucas aim to further promote honey production as to diversify their income and have great economic stability. With the bees helping to pollinate the coffee, as well as the shade trees of plum, banana, pepeto, and guama yields can be increased, further benefiting the farmer.


Ripe cherries are picked by the men and women of the community, combined at the producer’s home and then taken to the cooperative’s wet processing plant where the pulping and drying process takes place. The coffee is dried for 15 to 22 days depending on the weather.


Profile: Tropical, Spiced Rum, Agave

Specialty score: 85

Harvest: 2023

Process: Honey Process

Variety: Catuai, Caturra, Icatu, Pacamara, Pacas

Altitude: 1500m

Area: San Pedro de Copan

Certification: Organic

Country: Honduras

Dear Green - Organic Honduras Coffee (200 gr)

200 Grams
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